World's Greatest Mom!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Mom's so Cooooool

Today Bruce threw a tantrum because I wouldn't allow him to eat just butter for lunch. Red in the face, kicking, screaming, crying, throwing rice, big mess, etc. There was probably gnashing of teeth in there too. And here were the first few thoughts that went through my mind...

"This is over butter?"
"My mom handled TEN of these?"
"Hmmm, what would she do?"

You kept your cool in such situations, so I did too. I removed his bib, washed the butter and rice from his hands, and set him gently on the floor so he could continue wigging out to his heart's desire. Two minutes later he was done and saying, "saw-wee, saw-wee."

Anyway, you're pretty much a goddess. We love you!

-Emily and Fam

Sunday, May 13, 2007


Well, here goes... Mom, thanks for the great example you and Dad have shown me as to how a marriage is supposed to be. Trish and I have already made it a goal to be just like you guys. Good work mom.
love Chris

hey, good lookin'

I finally figured out where I got my good looks from.

Mom, thanks for putting up with me,
even when I'm a pain in the butt.
(Which is too often. Sorry.)
You're an amazing leader and
community member, but more importantly,
you're an amazing mom.
I love you. ♥

Shirley Mars

What could anyone say or write that would come even close to adequately describing the quality of our mom, or the gratitude we have for her?! It is simply amazing how much good a humble mother can do. I fully expect that someday when you drive down st. rt. 43 through Brimfield and Suffield it will be named Shirley Mars Rd. I doubt that anyone has ever fought so hard for that community. Mom, you are truly legendary, and even if they never name a main road after you, there will always be ten children and twenty plus grandchildren that know how wonderful you are. Thank You mom!

Mom is only like...THE GREATEST MOM EVER!!! After all, it would take one pretty awesome mom to raise a boy as attractive, kind, intelligent, strong, handsome, great, fun, clever, ninja-like, and ridiculously good looking as the one pictured to the left.
No, but seriously, Mom is pretty great. Thanks for being my mom, Mom.
I wouldn't sell you for any less than $200 million.


I looked up the word "Mother" in the Merriam-Webster online dictionary, and this is some of what I found...
1 a: a female parent
b (1): a woman in authority...
(2): an old or elderly woman
2: source, origin
3: maternal tenderness or affection
4: (I am skipping this one as it was about some naughty slang)
5: something that is an extreme or ultimate example of its kind especially in terms of scale1 a: Mom is indeed a female parent.
b (1): There is no question about it, Mom is a woman in authority. She can make it happen (whatever it is).
(2): old...hmmm....I would say Mom is more timeless than old. Definitely not elderly. Mom has a very young and energetic spirit. For being a grandmother of 20+, she is young.
2: Mom is the source. From her came ten children. Mom is also an amazing source of knowledge, wisdom, experience, long hair, bargain finds, information, recipes, compliments, discipline, humor, happiness, faith, good cholesterol, advice, great penmanship...
3: Many people have been touched by the maternal tenderness and affection of Shirley Mars. Besides ten of her own children and many, many grandchildren, probably hundreds of our friends over the years have been touched by her kindness and love. Mom has probably fed hundreds (possibly even thousands) of different people in our home. Mom is quick to greet new neighbors. She has many friends. She keeps in touch with so many people. She nurtures everyone around.
4: n/a... no naughty slang about my Mom.
5: Mom is both an extreme and an ultimate example of motherhood. Ten kids is extreme by today's standard, her love is the ultimate by any standard.

Merriam-Webster should have included a sixth definition: Shirley Mars.


Karyn and Andy


Look what I've got!

Isn't this a cool shark?! My friend and I caught it at the beach, but we let it go back into the ocean. Happy Mother's Day!

Love you!

The ocean is great, but having you for a grandma is even greater! Love you!


I get my awesome muscles from my Grandma. Thanks for letting me inherit your GIRL POWER!

Bigger Muscles

Me, too. Thanks, Grandma!


Grandma, can you post bail so we can wish you a HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY?!
Love, The Wunderlich grandkids

Live it up on Mother's Day!

Enjoy your day, get messy, live it up, because you deserve a wonderful Mother's Day!
(Fortune 500 Mother is from Janis)

Fortune 500 Mother

I can think of hundreds of reasons why I love Shirley Mars. I'll just mention a few:
I love the way Mom supports her children and grandchildren, and cheers our every accomplishment! She writes us adoring notes; she thanks us for even the tiniest things. She encourages and expects us to magnify our talents. She and Dad have sent 8 (2 more to go... pressure's on, Marissa and Ben!) kids to college. I'm not even sure a calculator could figure out how many resources (temporal and emotional) that it takes. Thank you for your dedication, loyalty and investment in us.

I love the way Mom serves her family, church, and community. If one could translate her countless volunteering ventures into a professional career, she'd be a Fortune 5oo executive. But she serves for a higher purpose. She uses her numerous impressive talents to help build a better future.

Mom holds more prominence in my heart than any other woman on this planet! I send all my love and gratitude to you and wish you a HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!

My Mom, My Hero

Mom, your love for life and for your family are a blessing. Your boundless energy and concern for others are contagious. Your light up the world around you. You are my hero.

Love, Will

A Poem From Amaya

Mothers are sweet, like flowers in bloom.
Mothers are beautiful, they light up every room.
Mothers are caring in every single way.
That's why every Mother deserves this special day.