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Sunday, May 13, 2007


I looked up the word "Mother" in the Merriam-Webster online dictionary, and this is some of what I found...
1 a: a female parent
b (1): a woman in authority...
(2): an old or elderly woman
2: source, origin
3: maternal tenderness or affection
4: (I am skipping this one as it was about some naughty slang)
5: something that is an extreme or ultimate example of its kind especially in terms of scale1 a: Mom is indeed a female parent.
b (1): There is no question about it, Mom is a woman in authority. She can make it happen (whatever it is).
(2): old...hmmm....I would say Mom is more timeless than old. Definitely not elderly. Mom has a very young and energetic spirit. For being a grandmother of 20+, she is young.
2: Mom is the source. From her came ten children. Mom is also an amazing source of knowledge, wisdom, experience, long hair, bargain finds, information, recipes, compliments, discipline, humor, happiness, faith, good cholesterol, advice, great penmanship...
3: Many people have been touched by the maternal tenderness and affection of Shirley Mars. Besides ten of her own children and many, many grandchildren, probably hundreds of our friends over the years have been touched by her kindness and love. Mom has probably fed hundreds (possibly even thousands) of different people in our home. Mom is quick to greet new neighbors. She has many friends. She keeps in touch with so many people. She nurtures everyone around.
4: n/a... no naughty slang about my Mom.
5: Mom is both an extreme and an ultimate example of motherhood. Ten kids is extreme by today's standard, her love is the ultimate by any standard.

Merriam-Webster should have included a sixth definition: Shirley Mars.


Karyn and Andy



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