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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Mom's so Cooooool

Today Bruce threw a tantrum because I wouldn't allow him to eat just butter for lunch. Red in the face, kicking, screaming, crying, throwing rice, big mess, etc. There was probably gnashing of teeth in there too. And here were the first few thoughts that went through my mind...

"This is over butter?"
"My mom handled TEN of these?"
"Hmmm, what would she do?"

You kept your cool in such situations, so I did too. I removed his bib, washed the butter and rice from his hands, and set him gently on the floor so he could continue wigging out to his heart's desire. Two minutes later he was done and saying, "saw-wee, saw-wee."

Anyway, you're pretty much a goddess. We love you!

-Emily and Fam


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