World's Greatest Mom!

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Is she Wonder Woman?

After 30-some years I think I've finally figured it out. Mom is really Wonder Woman's secret identity.

How else could she raise 10 children and still make it to almost all of their activities?

How else can you explain being able to throw a great party, often with little or sometimes no advance warning?

Aren't the physical similarities obvious?

Have you ever seen anyone more willing and able to make a stand for what's right?

How about the way she's fixing the schools? She could do it with one arm tied behind her back.

Rain or shine, night or day - she's always there for her children and grandchildren.

She must use her super powers when she stretches a dollar and makes it go as far as it does.

She uses her supper powers when she cooks!

I'm not sure where she parks her invisible jet, but she must have one.

We sure love her and don't worry - her secret is safe with us.


- Dan, Leslie, & kids


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